Tree surgery

Let our Arborist team take care of all your tree care needs

Our Arborist team can cover all of your needs
Our Arborist team can cover your needs from advice, dismantling, reductions or entire woodland management, where from ground works, cherry picker access or climbing; covering across Kent, S/E London and into Essex. 
Our approach to tree care

Trees give us the greatest natural gift, oxygen, and better yet remove the Carbon dioxide we release so much of. Our method is to avoid removing a healthy tree where possible to see how alternative methods may better complement the area. 

All of our climbers are NPTC Qualified.

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Tree surgery services –

Hedge reductions
For when hedges have grown past a manageable size we can reduce them back down to a manageable height, with specialist hedge cutters and saws 4 metres long and tripod ladders we are able to reach great heights, or access via cherry picker if required. 
Reducing and reshaping
rees can quickly outgrow their space, blocking light from the area around them, before their size becomes too dangerous it is advised to reduce them down to keep them under control, in reducing we are able to thin out your trees to allow airflow and light through the tree. Our team have a keen eye for creating a quality formative new shape for your trees. 
Crown lifting

Crown lifting is the process of removing the lower branches from a tree to allow safe passage to walk/mow under or allow vehicles to pass through. 

Felling & Dismantling

Unfortunately at times trees can become too dangerous in their space or can suffer with disease or rot, in that circumstance our team are on hand to dismantle your tree safely to the ground. 

Stump grinding & removal

Once that tree is down often the stump needs to go as well, once on is allows your space to be landscaped and rte-planted.

Woodland management

For your woodlands areas we can provide a tree survey, whether as a once off or annual service to establish the safest approach to caring for your woodland to see it thrive and encourage ecological diversity. 


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