Grounds Maintenance

The core of our Commercial grounds maintenance is providing a passionate service that revolves around: 

Ecological balance -

We seek to develop a greater ecological balance within our contract sites.

Increased biodiversity -

What could be better than an environment that brings nature into your grounds? We always look to see where we can increase the biodiversity within the grounds we care for, through bee hotels, wilderness areas, bug sanctuaries, composting and more.

Cost effective methods -

Our strategies are a great benefit to the environment, but to the budget too. Our ideas are not only cost effective, but in some cases actually decrease the level of maintenance required while increasing the aesthetic of the area. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Proactive communication -

Strong communications with regular updates to discuss progress, ideas and any issues across the site to build a proactive relationship, after all, communication the first of our core values! We want to ensure that with every client we start on a great understanding of their needs and desires and carry that on throughout our service for years and even decades.

Our teams work with electronic diaries with the full detail of your annual contract plan along with any specific details discussed to ensure they have a crystal clear understanding and additionally, take photographs of the work they complete for reporting and reference. Our director performs regular unscheduled site visits to monitor progress and discuss the team’s ideas for further progress.


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