Garden design

Our in-house designer can create beautiful creations of colour and vibrancy

Working to your aims

Our in-house designer can create beautiful creations of colour and vibrancy throughout your garden and grounds, working to your specifications and aims, whether: 

  • Low maintenance 
  • Year-round colour
  • Species specific 
  • Cultural specific
  • Heritage specific
Bespoke garden design

Our designer has build their knowledge and skill based on a love for their work and a thirst to learn, putting to use their years of study and passion for their craft. 

Working in collaboration

Our in-house designs concentrate purely on bed design and garden layout, however, we are not limited to that. We can work in collaborations with garden designers and landscape architects for more advanced projects. 

Agreed tasks
Each month
One simple monthly payment

Other services –

Lawn Care

For our garden care plans we are proud to offer the complement of lawn care into our packages, giving you not only a beautiful garden to be proud of, but a stunning lawn to complement. 

In our lawn care we cover: 

  • Spring feed treatments
  • Winter feed treatments
  • Scarification
  • Aerating 
  • Topdressing

Whether from our own [Garden Designs link] or as installation only after you have purchased your plants, we can cover a small spruce up with seasonal bulb planting to full garden restoration and planting. 

Our planting projects have ranged from £45 to £15,000, so whatever your budget we welcome the conversation to discuss creating a more wildlife friendly and picturesque garden for you. 

We work with local suppliers, but have covered nationwide for rare specifics, our aim is to cater your desires in the most Sustainable method achievable. 

Get in touch today to get your landscape blooming!


Whether Premium or Meadow turf 

10 rolls to 10,000 our team can give you a burst of green.  

When we consult on a turfing project our first question is if turf is necessary, often, even disastrous lawns can be restored with alternative methods at a much lower cost, the greatest fundamental is understanding your needs and desires for the project to establish which is the best method to move forward with. To learn more check out our blog post on “Cheaper alternatives to re-turfing” 

Ideal time for turfing: Out of season. Avoid summer.

• To learn more check out our blog “When is the ideal time to lay turf”.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Our hope is to work with you to develop a more sustainable and environmentally friendly space for you, our teams are hired based on their passion for horticulture and love for nature, as they get to learn your garden and your preferences we will always be discussing the ideas to help your garden, after all, it is your garden and we want to help you achieve what you want from it. 



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