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Having your lawn summer-ready starts now! Having a beautiful, rich, striped summer lawn creates a huge impact on your garden space. 
At Bloomfield Sustainable Solutions, we specialise in all your lawn care needs.
If you live in Kent and want to be sure to have a lovely green lawn for summer then get in touch today

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A healthy lawn will add impact to your garden

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For that fast, instant result. Re-turfing in the most commonly the priciest process of achieving a nice lawn, while it is the most expensive it gives an instant result for you.
Treatments and feeds
Give your lawn that nutritional fertiliser, your lawn would greatly benefit a boost of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium it needs to brighten it for the summer. Strengthening root growth, HULKING the lawn (make it greener) and promote general wellbeing.
Along with a fertiliser we can also apply a feed&weed to reduce the moss and other contaminants in your lawn to give more space to the new grass shoots bursting through the soil.
Our treatments can be as separate works through the year or as part of our annual packages for garden care.
Removing the thatch and contaminants within your lawn. Scarifying is quintessentially a harsh raking for your lawn to remove the contaminants that build up through the year. Scarifying once a year at least will give you a great lawn for the summer.
But when?
For once a year we recommend we scarify your lawn in February, this is to remove all the contaminants and look at what else can be done your lawn- such as a top dress- ahead fo the season commencing so you can jump start into the season, preparing your lawn for its best summer, giving the fresh new blades of grass the air flow and space they need to grow.
For those lumpy, uneven lawns a top dress will help level your lawn and restore. Topdressing is the process of spreading a light layer of soil over your lawn to even and level the ground, in areas where there are small holes or divots the soil will fill in to raise it to a much flatter surface.
Getting the perfect gold green lawn can take a number of dressings over years before it is perfect.

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