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Can we switch off from the garden in winter? Of course not, as gardener’s we are always shocked by the question when asked what we do in winter… well of course we keep gardening (in waterproofs) there is much to do around the garden in winter, quite a lot that is seldom valued for its importance.

The tasks in the garden throughout winter ensure that you’ll be ready for the next season and that your garden will be healthy and blooming vibrantly, so here are our big 3 tasks for your garden over winter:

Clear leaves from your lawn and hardstanding

Leaves, EVERYWHERE. Where there’s a deciduous tree there appears to be a million leaves to carpet the floors. But why is it important to clear your leaves regularly?…

  • Protect your lawn from blocked sunlight and dying off. Without regularly clearing your leaf through the winter you may find large patches of your lawn die off due to the smothering, this will result in re-seeding required to fix it for the next season and may allow moss and other contaminants to start growing through your lawn more vivaciously. Keeping your lawn cleared of leaves will allow the sunlight in, keep a good airflow and ensure a healthy lawn for next season. 
  • Protect your pathways from becoming slippery. Leaves and other debris mixed with the winter weather (pouring rain) can become extremely slippery in no time, be sure to keep the leaves blown clear of pathways to ensure you you keep a tidy, neat and safe pathway through your garden. 
  • Collect for compost to later spread in the garden, a circular economy. We’re always rabbling on about how to become more sustainable within the garden and through life in general and repurposing the waste from your garden is a great way, and easy too! Everything within your garden can be utilised as another resource in some way, our service and our mission is all about Educating and encouraging our clients in ways to become sustainable, composting your leaves as well as other biodegradable items is a phenomenal start; reduce waste, reduce emissions in transporting waste and your natural habitat. 
Prune fruit trees to encourage fruit next year

It is important to give your fruit trees an annual prune to keep the growth healthy, remove any dead, diseased or damaged wood; we like to work in a rotation, one year thinning out the tree, and the next year reducing and reshaping.

This keeps the tree in uniform shape and to a manageable size, fruit trees are delicate and do not like to be pruned too hard, so by keeping the rotation for every other year we ensure minimal disturbance, while keeping a healthy structure and beautiful shape. 

Keeping your fruit trees pruned once a year will keep them healthy and producing fruit for longer.



Winter is the perfect time for planting across the garden, most plants lay dormant which means they can be moved around while causing the least disturbance. The key benefits to planting in winter are:

  • Time; time to prepare, time to think and time to evaluate your plan. When planting in winter you can lay your plants all out through your bed and leave them for the day to consider, perhaps move them around to find the perfect fit, whereas summer planting they need to be transported and planted within hours if not receiving water. 
  • Easier aftercare; when planting in the hotter months we have to be sure to water our plants every day and nurture them to ensure they survive, forgetting to give your plants their evening drink can have catastrophic consequences. However, winter is far more forgiving, plants are often watered naturally by the rain and drink less in the colder weather.
  • Plants are far more forgiving; while plants are dormant all their energy is stored in the roots, we cut them back to protect from the winter winds and frost- this is perfect for planting, it means we haven’t got to be so careful moving them around, transporting and walking them through to the garden. Whereas in summer months; all the flowers are out, all that energy is bursting in wild arrays of pattern and colour and one mishap or slip can snap off a beautiful stem full of flowers, causing damage that can let in disease and rot, causing die back. 

There you have your 3 big tips for this winter, we hope this has inspired you to get the wellies out and crack on with planting ready for next year. For any further tips or advice please do get in touch today.

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