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Do you care about nature?

Are you looking to improve your environment ?

Bloomfield Sustainable Solutions dreams to see a world that works with the environment and not against it. A clean environment, where we as a species are sustainable in all actions, in all companies and in all nations- globally.

We, the company, are working to be carbon neutral before 2025, our steps have already begun to achieve that, we have invested in battery operated power tools our tools to replace petrol to reduce carbon emissions and further benefit with a substantial reduction in noise pollutions. Furthermore, our fleet is now more than 30% electric, fully electric and we pledge to purchase EVs whenever the option is available in all future vehicle purchases.

Our new facility we are in the process of planning and designing will be run emission free through solar and wind generated energy, fitted with charging points for electric vehicles and recycling facilities in the waste we produce in plastics & wrappers and also in our green waste by composting or re-purposing as well as donating materials to those in need.

The little steps we take manifest in our litter collections on sites, while bagging litter is a standard practise, we do not bin the litter for it to go to landfill. All our litter collections are selected for recycling to ensure as much waste as possible is re-used or re-purposed.

The big steps we are taking is working with the community on our projects scheduled to incept in 2020 that aim to educate and encourage people on becoming more sustainable and environmentally conscious, as well as seeing what further knowledge we can learn.

In our community events and projects we seek to link it into our vulnerable people’s policy, our projects will outreach to those more in need, we want to work with the elderly & the youth and bring an amalgam of energy and wisdom, as well as with those suffering at the hand of mental health and give them the liberation of the outdoors, because if we have given them the chance to smile about their day just once then that is success to us.


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