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We aim to improve and support our community in many ways


In 2020 we had the honour of being involved in the renovation of the garden space for the stroke ward at Maidstone Hospital.

The space they had wasn’t ideal for their needs, together with GoToEngineering, Meridian Contractors and JPS we collaborated to create a beautiful environment for patients to spend time, enjoy nature and work on learning key motor skills again.

All together we installed:

  • pathways through the garden
  • plants for the beds to bring in a burst of colour and scents to help the patients reengage their sense of sight, sound and scent.
  • handrails and steps to allow patients to practise walking and moving around again to build there strength.

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Legs Against Litter!

Sometimes the biggest movements are created from the smallest actions… let’s see our local communities become litter free.
Let us create a more sustainable world, a more environmentally friendly world.
What are we waiting for?




Isolation Ideas: 

Throughout lockdown 1.0 we were all facing every challenges like never before, our mental health and emotional well being were put under pressures we could have never foreseen. 


At Bloomfield Sustainable Solutions we were able to keep working through while adhering to the government restrictions, although we still faced incredible challenges we helped where we could. For us, we wanted to see how we could engage with our community and get people motivated and inspired to engage with nature in the safety of their own home. 

We created #IsolationIdeas, a weekly activity video for individuals or families to try at home, an exercise that would educate them on their garden or wildlife and how to become more sustainable. We wanted to inspire fun, but additionally keep ourselves sane as well, Isolation Ideas was almost a therapy for us. 

Through the series we experimented with ideas such as; sowing seeds in up cycled home products, writing letters to friends, growing fruit/veg from cuttings, up cycled decking, Easter bunnies made of logs and much more. We wanted to engage with people at every level, whether young, old, skilled, novice, toolbox equipped or not- we were all in this struggle together and wanted to bring a burst of fun to what has been tumultuous times. 

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