6 benefits to planting a Wild Meadow

Ecological benefit

Wild meadows bring a huge benefit to nature and increase the ecological balance. Introducing a meadow into your garden will create a natural habitat for small insects and pollinators. 


By increasing the ecological balance it will result in more pollinators coming into the area and collecting the nectar from the flowers, increasing the pollination within your area and as a result benefiting the planet.


With the increased pollinators and a greater ecological balance the space will create homes for many of our small friends and the reduced maintenance will result in less disturbance to allow them to live in peace.

Reduced maintenance

While your lawn requires a weekly or fortnightly mow, a wild meadow can be strimmed or mowed just once a year!

Increased aesthetic appeal

Despite being wild, a meadow can be kept uniform and given sharp contours to fit a highly immaculate garden or grounds. We think of grand immaculate gardens as being incredibly high maintenance and yet with a vibrant meadow you can introduce incredible borders, shapes and contours across your garden or grounds. This is a common practise we use on larger sites we care for, both commercially and domestically in a step towards achieving our mission of “educating and encouraging the nation to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Mental well-being

Imagine your own secluded space, complemented by the added serenity of a meadow, ditching the lawn for wild flower spaces for a blissful environment, with natural organic pathways running through, complemented by frequent break points of old logs installed a as bug sanctuaries. A wild meadow is a space of positive energy, a place of peace and tranquility. 

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