5 Questions to ask any Gardener

Are they a one-person-band or a larger company?

There are benefits to each when it comes to the care of your garden, while a one person band will likely be cheaper, it is just them. From a company you can expect a more reliable, consistent and professional service. To use ourselves as an example, our service includes:

  • Guarantees, such as your visit to the day to ensure your garden is always tended to. 
  • A team, we work in teams of 2+ so we can take on larger works and be more efficient in what we do, as well as be able to still provide your service if  your regular gardener is on holiday. 
  • A person at the end of the phone: whether to discuss ideas, check up on a service or discuss an issue, as a company we have staff that are not out ‘on the tools’ so are therefore able to answer the phone while the gardening work is still being done. 
  • A team that has undergone in-house training as well as a thorough induction process. 
  • Health and safety policies and procedures. All the fun stuff we don’t like to think about but sure appreciate it when it’s needed. 
Where is the waste disposed of?

Fly tipping is an ever increasing issue around Kent, especially since lockdown meant many of the tips and transfer stations were shutdown. By asking the question where it is taken and disposed of it can give you the reassurance that your garden waste will be dealt with appropriately. 

For example, our strategy with any garden waste is firstly to see where it can be repurposed as a resource in composting. Where that option is available it means we can use it on site or within the garden without having to transport it away. Secondly, if we can’t use it within the garden is there another site we can use it? For example, Woodchip and logs can be a great way to liven up commercial grounds and raise the aesthetic while being cost effective. In the event we cannot repurpose our garden waste goes to a transfer station to be generated into electricity. 

How would you care for ’this’ plant?

While gardening is subjective in many ways and full of creativity, there are guidelines to follow in terms of the ‘do’s and dont’s’, especially when it comes to pruning.

By just asking about one or two plants within your garden you will gauge their understanding and knowledge of gardening, while your gardener does not need to know every plant, the key is knowing how to care for it. 

Is your visit guaranteed?

From what we alluded earlier, we guarantee your visit to the day to ensure your garden is always cared for and you can always be confident when we’ll be with you to give you peace of mind over arranging your own diary.

Routine can give us all peace of mind, one of the most common reasons we find people are unhappy with their gardener is because of ‘reliability’ and ‘consistency’.

Many times we have heard the story of “well they started off great, but then they started to miss the odd visit and that became a regular thing” or “They’ve just disappeared, we had them once a fortnight and they missed a few, then just stopped all together.” 

By establishing what sort of guarantee you will receive for your garden can give peace of mind to know it will always be cared for. 

How did you get into gardening and into the company?

This question will help you gauge how passionate the individual is about their work and from that the company as a whole. If someone responds nonchalantly about paying the bills and being stuck in this dead end do you feel as though you’ll receive a caring service for your garden, one that is reliable and consistent? Of course not.

Compare that to a response about their years of passion for the outdoors, for nature and living ever more sustainably to help the planet, and how they stumbled across the company to find it not only complimented their own life values but enabled them to develop on that and spend their time with like minded individuals and thrive together, bringing clients on board that are wowed by the overall effort and commitment to our service becoming zero emissions.

If the answer to this question gives you goosebumps then you know you have found the perfect company to care for your garden. 


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